An old passion mixed with a new

What are some of your hobbies? Do you have more than one? What is something you have a strong passion for doing? I would have to say I have multiple hobbies and a strong passion for doing several things including drawing, photography, playing the drums, playing soccer, and rock climbing. An old hobby of mine I developed when I was a child is drawing. I grew up in an artistic family and we all loved to draw and show each other what piece of art work we had developed. This blog is about an image I tried to develop that combined my love for photography along with my passion for drawing.

I always loved to have a pencil in my hand drawing something weird and wild growing up. I was known for being one of the most artistic kids in my class. Drawing and also painting were things my brother and I did in our spare time when we were younger. My parents, brother and I all had different styles of drawing. I loved to draw cars and anything I could make look realistic. My brother loved drawing people and creatures. My mom loved to draw faces, and my dad loved to draw cars. Except, my dad would make engine sound effects while he drew his cars for my brother and I.

I loved to draw and for a while as I was growing up, I wasn’t sure if I would pursue it as a career in some sort of way or not. Eventually I decided it would be a hobby as I discovered how much I enjoyed to work out and try to stay in shape. I still drew occasionally but it wasn’t until I attended a community college, that I decided to take a drawing course and see if I would reconsider it as a career in some sort of way. It wasn’t anything like I expected it to be but it still improved my skills with a pencil.

Then something happened to where I stopped drawing as much but began shooting photos more and more. Eventually my sketch pads began collecting dust and every now and then I could hear the pencils whispering my name, calling me back to draw once again. After I began attending Brooks Institute, a few friends noticed I wasn’t only a photographer, but also was decent at drawing. They encouraged me to try to combine my drawing skills with my photography in some sort of way. I had an assignment that came up in one class that fitted the idea perfectly for combining photography and drawing into one piece of art. It took a little while to come up with an idea for the assignment but it made me realize how much I had missed drawing. It was a fun project.

A friend once showed me a tree up near Solvang off the side of the road that was all alone in a field and looked like it was leaning in a direction like it had been blown that way. I thought of an idea of how I could draw someone, like a wind goddess, blowing the tree. There would be a face in the tree cringing like it was about to be uprooted and was trying to hold its ground. Holding on for dear life to the tree branches would be a little man who would be losing his balloons. It was much harder of a project that I anticipated but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope to expand the idea more with my work.

Whatever hobbies you have; don’t ever let them die out. Keep the fire going for them. They’ll help keep you sane and who knows what else they could help you with someday. The above piece of work is the end result from the assignment with the blowing wind goddess, and the little man holding onto the cringing tree for dear life. I hope you enjoy it!

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