About Brian

Being raised in the warm tropical climates of Africa, I developed an excitement for the great outdoors. It was like an endless summer, in which I was able to see wildlife on a frequent basis. The people are as warm as the climate, and so I also grew up with a love of meeting new people. My father encouraged being outgoing, and demonstrated a love for photography.

Fourteen years later, I decided to pursue my own passion for photography when I moved to Colorado. I graduated from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, where I received

my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Professional Photography. I am a commercial photographer specialized in adventure lifestyle, nature, product and portraiture. I want my work to inspire in viewers an urge to travel, do things they haven’t done before, and enjoy nature. The world is a big picture and I want to capture, and share the irreplaceable moments and emotions in life we pay little attention to.

Thank you for visiting my site,

Brian Goldfain           

***A special thank you to Cherix Leung for providing the above portrait.***